Tooth Fillings in Magnolia, TX

Tooth Fillings in Magnolia, TX

Tooth fillings, also known as white fillings, can restore and imitate the natural shell of teeth. The main objective is to restore every tooth that might be decaying or that has been fractured. Tooth fillings help to narrow gaps between teeth and fix chipped teeth.

Patients now prefer a very natural-looking tooth filling. Thus, modern dentists, such as the staff at Denttist Pro Med Spa, are using just tooth color fillings like resins and composites; materials that are harmless to the patient’s mouth.

Patients can decrease any risk of getting decay by following these basics rules:

Brushing their teeth three times a day

  • Flossing after eating
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Go to the dentist frequently

What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings (white fillings) for patients?

Tooth fillings look more like the natural shell of teeth. When the patient has a healthy tooth structure, they hold firmly, without added slots or pins to bond them. On the other hand, if the patient has an unhealthy structure, he will need slots or pins in order to bond the fillings properly. The process of bonding tooth fillings returns 85-90% strength to the teeth. Others materials require days to harden while white fillings solidify in seconds. Dental sensitivity is minimal thanks to the composition of resins. Tooth fillings can be placed either on the front or back of the teeth without impairing patient aesthetics. If white fillings suffer any kind of damage, they can easily be repaired.

What are the disadvantages of tooth-colored fillings (white fillings) for patients?

  • Dark liquids such as coffee, tea, red wine and foods with rich dyes like curries, can stain the white fillings.
  • They aren’t as strong as metal fillings.
  • Liquids with high alcohol content can breakdown the filling’s strength.
  • They are more expensive than dental amalgam.
  • Generally, dental insurance companies require a co-pay by the patient for the dentist to proceed with the fillings, particularly on the back teeth. However, this is recommended if patients want to have their fillings looks more natural. Sometimes, the composites aren’t covered by insurance, and they are more expensive than amalgam. The white fillings weren’t created to last forever. The white fillings weren’t created to last forever. A few studies done by scientists explain amalgam is more durable than composite tooth fillings. The placement of the composite filling takes longer than the metal fillings. The reason is every tooth is required to be clean and dry while the dentist places the composite fillings in the patient’s mouth. Currently, tooth fillings with colors are used more often than metal or gold fillings, and it could be for cosmetics reasons: people want the dental filling to look more like a natural tooth. The best dental filling is no dental filling because the prevention of any dental problems is better medicine.
  • All patients can decrease any decay risk by following these basics rules

Tooth Colored Fillings for Patients

Types of Tooth Fillings

  • Direct Fillings

The dentist uses special lights; the placement of direct fillings can be done during a normal appointment. The dentist will need a few materials to create direct fillings in the spots where decay is detected.

  • Semi-Direct Fillings

The dentist can use Semi-Direct Fillings to fix a wide area in the patient’s mouth. These are like Direct Fillings, but this restoration can be removed at any time. When the tooth fillings are in place, the dentist bonds them to the teeth. Also, the Semi-Direct fillings can use CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling) in order to bond them in the patient’s mouth. This technology is recommended because the dentist can make a strong porcelain restoration for the patient, instead of sending a mold off to a dental lab.

  • Indirect Dental Fillings

This is used when the patient repairs need to cover a large area. When the patient doesn’t have a healthy tooth structure, indirect fillings provide a professional restoration. It’s a complex procedure that takes a few days.

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