Oral Cancer Examination in Magnolia, TX

Oral Cancer Examination in Magnolia, TX

The medical staff at Denttist Pro Med Spa offers a screening to detect oral cancer. It is a visual check-up examination on the oral cavity and contiguous tissues with the objective of detecting early signs of oral cancer. Habitual screenings are common and a lot of our patients choose to have them done frequently. However, some of the times the dentist may suggest a screening if an apparent abnormality is present. During the visual exam, the dentist will analyze the lips, neck, face, inside of the nose, and the oral cavity.

Oral cancer screenings are effective in detecting early signs of cancer and thus assist in seeking early treatment. Our screenings are quick and done during checkups unless further reviewing is necessary.

Visual Exam

The body areas analyzed by the oral cancer screening are lips, neck, face, inside of the nose and the oral cavity. The patient must remove any dental appliances to reveal all areas before the screening. The Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) explains the process: the doctor or dentist doing the test should be looking for swelling, bumps, asymmetries, ulcerations, color stains, and other anomalies; the patient must be sitting upright or lying down while the checkup is done. The doctor or dentist will use a light and a mirror to see into the nose; a tongue depressor will check beyond patient’s mouth into the throat, the same procedure as if it were a common medical appointment. To reveal areas in the throat that otherwise can’t be seen, the patient has to open his mouth and exclaim: “Ahhh!” Only in this way can the doctor evaluate gums, inner cheeks, tonsils, and the roof of the mouth and below the tongue.

Physical Examination

It is recommended the doctor or dentist feels the head, the cheeks, the jaws, under the chin and inside the oral cavity in search of anomalies, such as lumps or masses. One of the fundamental tasks of the doctor is to find any trace of immobility in the mobile tissue, and patients have to communicate if they feel some type of pain. The signs of oral cancer are often painful, but a painless lump in the throat can also be evidence of some type of problem.

Dentists & Doctors suggest stopping alcohol consumption and quitting any type of tobacco use might minimize the risk of developing oral cancer. Additionally, patients should consult with the dentist if they feel on oral cancer examination is for them.

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